The Republic of Tea announces the addition of the first caffeine-free herbal Acai Berry Red Tea to its line of varietal glass bottled iced teas, available exclusively at fine restaurants and hotels nationwide.

The new unsweetened herbal iced tea blends organic South African Rooibos with flavorful Brazilian acai berries to produce a ready-to-drink brew.

Acai Berry Red Tea is the brand’s first naturally caffeine-free herbal tea in its unsweetened glass bottled organic iced tea collection. Rich and flavorful Rooibos (ROY-BOSS) or Red Tea is blended with acai berries. Acai berries are remarkable dark purple berries recognized for bold, slightly spicy flavor–the rich flavor of a concord grape crossed with ripe blueberries.

Restaurants serve The Republic of Tea’s glass-bottled iced teas because of the inherent quality, versatility and because each pairs well with fine food. The 16.9 fluid-ounce glass bottle, featuring an artful “TeaScape” label, holds roughly two servings.