Organic Krush, the organic eatery with locations in CT, NY, and Virginia, and La Fin, a luxury waterfront restaurant in Montauk, announce the launch of a new digital storefront and luxury product line developed for the home.

Organic Krush is on a mission to change the way people eat.   KrushLifestyles was created to accommodate the shift in consumers eating habits, driving the team to create an entirely new product category of luxurious, nutritious, straight from the source dishes available through a digital platform and available for delivery in the NYC, Westchester, NJ and Fairfield County regions.

Eating nutritious, organic food at home is now easier than ever, as the new product line includes over 80 calorically balanced and nutritionally perfected meals. KrushLifestyles is based on real health; with the goal of achieving a healthy lifestyle through abundance and nourishment, not restriction. The backbone of KrushLifestyles is based on rotational eating; a philosophy that showcases eating a variety of foods, effectively rotating your nutritional sources throughout a day and eating a full range of colors to provide maximum nutritional efficiency and satiety.

“Our customers told us they want more ways to bring Krush into their kitchen,” says Michelle Walrath, co-founder and CEO.  “We know luxurious, clean food available on your schedule is not easy to find. We want to help you manage your lifestyle, not just an individual meal” says Walrath.  “We understand customers lives have evolved and that eating at home is now more common. The demand for all-natural, healthy, clean eating for busy families has only continued to rise and Krush can now be there, no matter where you are.”

Walrath assembled her team of experts, including a nutritionist and fitness expert, to bring macro-micro balanced dishes to the home in an entirely new way. The platform allows for customers to select dishes in multiple ways; 3 unique 6-day meal plans; a 3-day reset or a revolutionary Create Your Own weekly menu with kids’ options is available. The ability to customize has long been a staple at Krush and is available on the platform through a deep filtering capability that allows customers to search by dietary needs such as vegan, dairy-free or gluten free. Reinforcing the Krush commitment to education, the team has developed a Krush Quiz to help customers determine how many calories they should be eating every day. The results guide the user in selecting a pre-set plan or dishes to develop their own weekly menu.

The platforms unique offerings are flexible and work for a variety of lifestyles.  The Create Your Own Menu provides maximum flexibility and is designed for customers who are seeking individual dishes to their exact tastes and dietary needs. Dishes are categorized by caloric level, making selection easy and include vegan, kids, sides and dishes from 400 to 700 calories each and includes fully transparent ingredient and nutritional information. With Lifestyles, there are no hidden ingredients. Those seeking high-level nutrition and fitness guidance can select one of the professionally pre-crafted plans, each designed to meet specific nutrition and fitness goals.  The 3-day reset plan works for those looking for a nutrition reset; giving them a chance to know how good it feels to feel good or whose busy lives allow them only a few meals at home a week.

The inclusion of a kid’s category is something entirely unique to KrushLifestyles. As more and more families face dietary restrictions for their kids, finding high quality nutritional dishes that meet little ones dietary and taste needs is no longer a problem.  Gluten-free, dairy free and nut free are all addressed in the kid’s category, a major benefit for families facing allergy concerns. Now busy families can plan for the entire family within one platform.  As part of Organic Krush consistent commitment to giving back, they have partnered with Filling in the Blanks, a non-profit based in CT, to give back a meal to a child in need for every 3 kids meals ordered on the platform. 

KrushLifestyles is a philosophy. A way to eat luxurious, nutritionally balanced food as it was indented to be eaten.  Deliveries are made twice a week in trucks owned and managed by Organic Krush. Store pick up is also available from Westport CT to Amagansett LI.

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