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    Organic Soda Machine Debuts

  • Industry News June 23, 2015

    Argosy Foodservice, a manufacturer in frozen dessert and beverage equipment, announced its partnership with craft soda company, Tractor Soda. The partnership marks the debut of the industry’s first self-contained, all-in-one soda dispenser. The mobile soda dispenser system will distribute organic, non-GMO soda offerings, allowing existing foodservice businesses to easily serve a healthier soda alternative without altering the layout of their stores.

    Argosy and Tractor Soda rolled out the new SFX6000 series soda dispenser at the National Restaurant Association Show last month in Chicago and have since received praises in the industry for the quality and purity of the organic, non-GMO soda. The new machine and the USDA-approved organic craft soda program provide foodservice operators an opportunity to offer patrons a healthier soda alternative without the complexity of a dispenser that spans both front and back of house.

    “Every machine has an ultrafiltration system that keeps the water clean and the product taste consistent,” says Raphael Doromal, CEO at Argosy Foodservice. “The SFX6000 is the perfect companion to Tractor Soda’s organic offerings. We are proud to launch this program with Tractor Soda and excited to move forward with such a unique company.”

    Each soda dispenser comes with eight options of organic non-GMO soda mix. Tractor Soda is made with the highest quality organic spices, herbs, roots and fruits from all over the world. The soda mix options are: gluten free, certified organic, non-GMO, contain no artificial colors or preservatives, and flavor options include Shirley Temple, Blood Orange, Coconut and Root Beer.

    “The Argosy SFX6000 is the only sustainable plug-n-play soda machine available,” says Travis Potter, founder of Tractor Soda. “We teamed up with Argosy to create a machine that can be easily implemented inside a restaurant—the only thing needed is a connection to water. The syrups, tubes, and carbonation bottles are located inside the machine which takes much less space per location, saving us thousands of dollars in installation and allows us to bring healthier options to customers.”

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