Despite the challenging operating environment in 2020, Original ChopShop found new opportunities to thrive, finishing 2020 with overall sales up over 20 percent compared to the prior year.

During the first few weeks of the COVID-19 pandemic, Original ChopShop’s same-store sales were down more than 50 percent compared to 2019. In the months that followed, the brand implemented innovative strategies to help guests and team members “Fuel Their Well-Being.”

“Our team rose to the occasion and continued to move our brand forward,” says Jason Morgan, CEO of Original ChopShop. “We acted fast, put a plan in place and pivoted our approach which ultimately built goodwill with our team members and guests. We’re ending 2020 with overall sales up by more than 20% and same-store sales only down 4.9 percent for the full year. I’m proud of how our team responded throughout 2020. Our results speak for themselves. We have one of the best, if not the best, up-and-coming fast-casual restaurant growth brands.”

Original ChopShop debuted curbside pickup within 48 hours of mandatory dining room closures, created an internal delivery fleet, launched its new “Chops” loyalty App, offered family bundles at an affordable price and sold essential grocery items. The brand was also among the first to take donations for local healthcare professionals, providing almost 2,000 meals over the course of six weeks.

Throughout the pandemic, Original ChopShop was determined to create new jobs while also making it easier, faster and more affordable for guests to enjoy its “Feel Good Food.” The brand launched a new internal delivery system in June to do just that. Guests who order direct no longer have to choose between great service, delivery speed or price.

In August, Original ChopShop debuted its new loyalty App. Chops allows guests to order online for pickup, curbside or delivery and allows guests to load funds onto the App and pay with those funds when placing orders. Compared to third-party delivery apps, orders placed directly through the Chops App are 25% less expensive and delivered up to 15 minutes faster by a trusted Original ChopShop team member. In just five short months, guest acceptance has been tremendous with greater than 60% of all direct digital orders originating through the App and more than 30% of all transactions having a loyalty account attached to the check.

In addition to its unwavering support for guests, Original ChopShop committed to doing the same for its team. During the entirety of the pandemic, the company has kept every general manager and assistant general manager employed with no reduction in pay and paid an average of more than 100% of periodic manager bonuses from March to December 2020.

“Even when we were struggling, we never lost sight of supporting our team members,” Morgan said. “They continued to provide the ‘Just Feel Good’ experience that our brand is known for and even extended that experience into the homes of our guests by delivering orders safely and efficiently. With our internal delivery and Chops App launch, Original ChopShop has established itself as a digital leader in the fast-casual space. We’re positioned well for 2021 with all of the new and effective initiatives that were set in place this year.”

Additionally, Original ChopShop’s expansion efforts remained steady with the opening of two new Shops in Allen and McKinney, Texas this year. In 2021, the brand’s unit growth will continue when it opens four Shops in its established markets of Phoenix and Dallas-Fort Worth, as well as entry into a third major market – Houston.

Original ChopShop provides a warm, welcoming place where guests “Fuel Their Well-Being” with flavorful food that’s “Chopped-in-Shop” daily with real, quality ingredients. The menu includes delicious protein bowls, salads (“chops”), sandwiches, fresh juice, protein shakes, acai bowls, breakfast items and parfaits. The team at Original ChopShop is proud to offer customizable food for “Every/Body,” providing a variety of dietary-friendly items for adults and children, including food free of gluten, dairy, lactose and soy, along with vegetarian and vegan options.

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