Original ChopShop – the 20-location concept that inspires others to “Just Feel Good” with food for “Every/Body” all day every day announces the new Hot Honey Chicken + Hummus Protein Bowl, available for a limited time. 

The brand will also add a house-blended Red Pepper Hummus to its menu, the perfect snack for any time of day, and Greens as a new base to its Protein Bowl category.

“Menu innovation continues to be a focus for us, and we’re excited to introduce our better-for-you Hot Honey Chicken + Hummus Bowl, which creatively features flavors and ingredients that are completely different than any of the bowls found on our menu today,” CEO Jason Morgan says. “We are always searching for ways to make our ‘feel good food’ even more customizable. We’ve added the option of Greens as a base which will make our most popular menu category even more modifiable to meet the dietary needs and preferences of every guest.” 

The Hot Honey Chicken Bowl is made with brown rice, spring mix tossed in red wine vinaigrette, cucumber, tomato, banana pepper, red pepper hummus, chicken, and topped with hot honey sauce, Greek yogurt sauce, and served with house-baked chips. The limited time bowl is available May 9 through July 31.  

The house blended Red Pepper Hummus is made with chickpeas, lemon juice, roasted red pepper, garlic, tahini sesame paste, olive oil, salt and water, and served with new house-baked tortilla chips. The Red Pepper Hummus and Greens base will also become available in Shops on May 9.

“Our goal as we expand the menu is to allow for more customization for guests at all times of the day, whether they are coming in for breakfast, a quick snack or a meal at lunch or dinnertime,” Morgan continues. “With these menu additions, we are opening up a whole new offering of flavor profiles and use cases for the brand.”

Original ChopShop’s unique menu features breakfast, lunch, snack and dinner-time options including delicious protein bowls, salads, sandwiches, breakfast items, juices, protein shakes, acai bowls and more made with whole, quality ingredients that are always chopped-in-Shop. There is something for everyone on the menu, from steak to tofu and everything in between and all items are fully customizable to meet any dietary need.

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