Ovention is adding the MiSATM-a12; a rapidcook oven with the highest footprint to cavity ratio of any oven in its class. MiSA stands for microwave speed assist. Yes- microwave; but with the ability to cook up to ten times faster than conventional ovens. The newest addition to the ventless countertop oven lineup is designed for high-efficiency airflow in the cavity allowing for beautiful, even browning that rapidcook operators have been waiting for, with availability beginning Monday, February 1, 2021.

MiSA features a nonstick interior with a removable tray, making cleaning a breeze.

The spacious cavity (12.9” x 13.5”) can fit a quarter size sheet pan or a 12” pizza and requires less than 16” of counter space. No need for specialty bakeware; just pop in any oven-safe pan. With the smallest footprint among quarter-size pan rapid cook units, the MiSA has superior power output, highest warmup power, highest airflow, quiet sound operation of only 68 dB, and the lowest energy usage on the market.

Like the rest of the Ovention line, it’s certified for ventless operation, making it the perfect addition anywhere you want to toast flatbreads, grill fresh vegetables, or serve delicious breakfast sandwiches. This ventless oven allows for flexible installation, saving valuable space under the hood and saving you money. The MiSA-a12’s superior airflow and proprietary cookplate design produce high quality, consistently prepared food time after time.

This operator friendly rapidcook oven features a full-color 7” touchscreen display that makes it easy to access the Ovention library of over 1,000 recipes, a USB port for easy service diagnostics, and software updates.

Ovention is continuously working to provide the best equipment solutions for your operation so you can deliver the best culinary experience possible.