OVRDRIVE, located in the heart of Kentucky, is a high-speed entertainment venue offering high-tech games such as VR racing simulators and axe throwing. Their unique twist is a self-pour tap wall powered by PourMyBeer, which puts its customers in control of their drinks by letting them become their own bartenders. They can use self-pour taps to pour craft beer, spirits, and mixed cocktails, while paying by the ounce. 

Their interactive PourMyBeer self-serve beer and cocktail wall allows their customers to learn about each available drink option, select their beverage, and serve themselves in exactly the amount they want. Customers have 21 options to choose from, including 15 beers, 3 rotating mixed bourbon drinks, and 3 rotating mixed drink offerings with other spirits. Customers are given a card on which they can load points and place in each PourMyBeer screen’s RFID reader, which allows them to pour a full drink or just an ounce to taste. And to make sure customers don’t stay hungry, OVRDRIVE also offers made-to-order pizza and a small appetizer menu.

Justin Lewis, the owner of the space, pursued this project because he wanted to bring a unique entertainment venue to downtown Louisville. OVRDRIVE is geared toward providing the area with multiple engaging and interactive activities that provide a true one-of-a-kind experience.

OVRDRIVE offers a fully immersive racing experience with 6 full-motion VR racing simulators and access to more than 200 cars and 50 world-famous racetracks. The venue also includes 4 VR gaming booths with 10 of the most popular VR games cycling monthly and a library of over 150 titles total. To further build on the experience, OVRDRIVE features 8 projector-based axe throwing lanes that offer digital gaming options. This provides a more interactive and unique experience for players to enjoy. Finally, there is also a Rage Room where customers can pay to smash items using bats and sledgehammers.

Located at 112 West Jefferson Street, OVRDRIVE is conveniently close to both to the Omni Louisville Hotel and the Louisville Marriott Downtown, and it is centrally located between the Kentucky International Convention Center, NULU and Main Street.