Own Point of Sale introduced Own, a breakthrough platform for running quick-service businesses. Own is the world’s first social point-of-sale system that runs entirely on a tablet.

The Own platform includes:

· An analytics-backend with real-time graphs and reporting

· Employee time-clock for management of your workforce

· Built-in social media to connect with customers

· Loyalty and gift cards to make customer rewarding simple

· Remote access through the cloud

· Direct data export into third-party programs like QuickBooks

“Independent businesses want the tools and analytics of big retailers,” says Verdi Ergün, president and CEO of Own Point of Sale. “But those tools are outdated already. So we went beyond that. It is time every retailer has data, scheduling, and social media all at their fingertips. That is why we built Own, the central hub for your business. Delivering this point-of-sale platform on the tablet makes switching to Own so simple that anyone can do it.”

Point-of-Sale Platform Goes Social

Unlike an iPad, Own’s tablet has two USB ports. That means it can connect to cash-drawers, printers, and other peripherals out-of-the-box. “We wanted a point-of-sale platform that was plug-and-play from the beginning,” says Ergün. “Now we have it.”

Receipts emailed to customers will save money on paper, help the environment, and get customers hooked on convenience. Further, Own customizes receipt messages to give business owners a way to share their social media links. Emailed receipts through Own become a loyalty platform: customers will start following on Facebook and Twitter from the emailed receipts with Own tracking the effectiveness. Own gives business owners a way to passively build a social media following and measure the results.

Menu Creation and Synchronization

Own’s menu creation includes tools to create the perfect menu. Business owners can write descriptions that are viewable from the tablet; adjust pricing; customize menus for each location; mark food allergens; add customizations; and rename or archive categories and items. All information is synchronized between stores, so every location has up-to-date information.

Chains can manage an entire operation as easily as a single store can manage one location.

Administrative Management

Employees can be managed and created with full-support for employee-roles and permissions. Managers, owners, employees, and friends can log onto the Own system and see exactly what they need. Archived records allow worked hours to be tracked and contact information to be managed.

“We broke convention that a point-of-sale system is an order taking machine,” says Erol Ahmed, vice president at Own Point of Sale. “We view Own as a series of conversations. Everyone gets an Own account, including employees, customers, and storeowners. They can access their information through Own, such as a customer seeing what he or she purchased, or an employee viewing his or her schedule.”

Administrative controls give business owners access to their business anywhere, anytime. Sales data is streamed live to the dashboard. See who is clocked-in and what items are selling best. Create customer accounts for the store; make discounts and coupons to drive sales; connect with customers on Facebook and Twitter; adjust taxation; and add new locations — all from one, unified administration. Additional features include:

·        Multi-location support makes running 100 stores as easy as one store

·        Email alerts, which notify business owners of late employees and unusual transactions

·        Offline support, which lets business owners use Own even when the internet is off