D&W Fine Pack announced the expansion and continuing development of the D&W Fine Pack Sales and Marketing organization.

Andrew Falcon, former CEO of recently acquired C&M Fine Pack, was named executive vice president of business development for the combined entity of D&W Fine Pack, a $300 million manufacturer of disposable packing products for the food and restaurant industries. Falcon, who holds a BS from Stanford and an MBA from Harvard, is qualified to lead the integration of the sales and business development activities. With more than 20 years of success in international business management and green-field manufacturing and sales ventures, Falcon has also lead merger integration planning and deployment for Fortune 1000 plastics and technology companies.

Harold Ellsworth joined D&W as the vice president of marketing and brings a wealth of industry and business knowledge. Ellsworth has worked for Fortune 500 companies and has held executive positions in marketing, supply chain management, and sales, as well as operations. He was trained in Lean Management at the Kaizen Institute in Japan, successfully applying those concepts in both operations and product development.

“The addition of Andrew and Harold gives us a strength in Sales and Marketing leadership that very few companies enjoy,” says Joseph Lancia, president and CEO of D&W Fine Pack. “This is an exciting time in sales and marketing and the future of D&W is looking brighter every day with Andrew and Harold leading the expansion and revitalization of the Sales and Marketing functions.”

“Due to the high quality, brand recognition and reputation of the merged companies, we will maintain the three distinct brands of Dispoz-o, Wilkinson, and C&M Fine Pack,” Falcon says. “However, we are working hard to leverage the integration of these three fine companies into a single dynamic entity that can serve the market in a way that none of our competitors can.”