What do Dr. Dre’s Beats audio products company and an Oregon doughnut brand have in common with Pal’s Sudden Service, a regional burger concept? They are on the list of Inc. magazine’s “25 Most Audacious Companies.”

The list defines the companies as “bold, courageous, and even heroic. They see a better way to do something and work to make it happen, fearlessly committed to not only making their vision a reality but also spreading that vision.” 

The article noted Pal’s policy of managers spending time each day to mentor an employee on a certain skill, the company’s retention rate of managers, and its rigorous hiring and training process.

“It’s quite an honor to be recognized by such a reputable national magazine,” says Thom Crosby, Pal’s president and CEO. “We view our commitment to our leadership and employee training as not just being audacious, but smart. It is all part of our mission of delighting our customers in a way that creates loyalty to Pal’s.”

“Our superior training is the essential element in the quality of our food and our speed of service,” Crosby says. “That is how we can provide better quality with drive-through wait times that are at least three times faster than our national competitors. I’m glad that the national media is noticing our extraordinary point of difference.” 

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