Panasonic Unveils Modular Envo Worksystem

    Industry News | January 4, 2012

    Panasonic System Networks Company of America, an industry leader in retail information systems with 30 years of experience and more than a million point-of-sale (POS) solutions deployed globally, today introduced its new POS workstation, the Stingray Envo.

    Increasing user convenience with virtually unlimited mounting options, Envo saves users both time and money with a modular design that enables self-service. Envo also helps maintain earth’s natural balance by incorporating the use of eco-responsible manufacturing practices.

    “Envo was designed to offer more versatility and choice than any other workstation on the market,” says Rick Elliott, director of Food Services, Panasonic System Networks Company of America. “It’s also a smart choice, in tough economic times, to choose a brand known for decades for high-quality products that are both durable and reliable.”

    Built with a VESA mount, Envo can be placed virtually anywhere. In addition to the traditional upright configuration, Envo can also be mounted in a low profile form, saving space and putting less equipment between the customer and the cashier. Plus, no additional equipment is required under the counter.

    The versatility of Envo’s VESA mount allows for wall or pole mounting as well, allowing Envo to fit seamlessly into virtually any environment, from retail to grocery to convenience.

    Envo’s modular design increases efficiency by enabling self-service, often without the need for additional tools. Key components such as the power supply or hard drive can be replaced in minutes, and both the processor and RAM are upgradeable for more speed and performance.

    Modularity also allows the user to customize the workstation to meet specific needs, without having to pay for features that won’t be utilized. Rigorous factory testing, along with Envo’s aluminum alloy chassis, ensures reliability and dependability.

    An array of rear screen options enables customer engagement to improve sales. Users can choose from a two-line order confirmation and static point of purchase (POP), 12” Interactive Order Confirmation/POP, or a 15” Interactive Order Confirmation/POP.

    The main display is a user-adjustable resistive or capacitive touch screen. All of Envo’s main displays have the advantages of LED backlight technology for images with greater contrast, helping customers and employees view text and images more easily. Typically, LED backlights consume 20 percent to 30 percent less power than conventional fluorescent backlit LCD screens.

    In addition, LED displays are also more reliable, do not need time to warm up, and do not yellow over time, making them a better choice for POS workstations.

    Additional features of Panasonic Envo include an open platform to run virtually any software, industry-leading speed that more than doubles the performance of earlier Stingray models, a smaller size that saves valuable space, and an I/O panel on top of the workstation for easier cable management and peripheral troubleshooting.

    Envo also offers more power to run other technology from the workstation without the POS performance suffering, built-in speakers that allow training videos to run on the workstation, and a quiet fan that will not interfere with customer communications. Optional magnetic stripe readers improve order input speed and accuracy.

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