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    Pancheros Gets Cheeky With New Packaging

  • Industry News May 23, 2013

    Pancheros, a fast-casual Mexican restaurant known for “Burritos Better Built,” introduces its new package design.

    The packaging revamp includes novel graphic designs for all of the franchise’s items, such as beverage cups, napkins, carryout bags, and burrito boxes.

    Pancheros’ new packaging features phrases meant to give diners a chuckle at checkout. For example, printed on the napkins is, “You probably won’t need this but you should take one just in queso,” playing on the word case and the Spanish word for cheese.

    The designs use the brand’s trademark terra cotta and yellow, as well as the contemporary style of using different font sizes in a single graphic to engage guests while also showcasing Pancheros’ commitment to fresh, quality ingredients.

    New slogans, like the one on their beverage cup, include, “Ice the only frozen thing we’ve got.”

    “The latest package redesign is incredibly visual and colorful. We’re excited to upgrade our packaging to match our superior food and service,” says Rodney Anderson, president of Pancheros Mexican Grill. “We know our guests are going to enjoy the package redesign and appreciate our brand’s cheerful enthusiasm for cheeky humor.”

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