Just in time for summer, Pancheros Mexican Grill announced Thursday the kickoff of its new scrambled eggs limited-time offering.

Available at select Pancheros restaurants across the country, guests can enhance their customized burrito experience by adding scrambled eggs to their entrée of choice. Fluffed to perfection on the grill, the scrambled eggs will now be one of the many available add-on ingredients that customers can choose from. Like all ingredients, the scrambled eggs will be mixed together using BOB the tool, making it a cohesive, awesome experience and a perfect addition to any burrito, quesadilla, burrito bowl, taco or salad.

“Pancheros was built on the principle of simplicity, and that is a principle we firmly believe in even as we innovate our menu,” says Rodney Anderson, founder and CEO of Pancheros. “The addition of scrambled eggs, a simple yet staple ingredient, is a rich way to enhance your burrito without overcomplicating it.”

Pancheros stands apart from other big-name burrito concepts because of its quality ingredients, faster service and burritos better built. However, almost anyone would agree the most distinguishing factors for Pancheros are its innovations—the fresh-pressed tortillas and proprietary ingredient mixing spatula, BOB the Tool.

The brand’s pursuit to build the perfect burrito dates back to 1992, when Pancheros founder Rodney Anderson opened the doors to his first restaurant in downtown Iowa City, Iowa. Since then, the brand has grown into 13 states with approximately 70 locations.

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