Panda Express debuted online ordering across more than 1,700 Panda Express locations. The platform was developed to bring convenience to the traditional experience of Chinese takeout, where individual orders are shared in a family-style setting.

"Many fond memories are created over the opening of all those little take-out boxes, passing them back and forth across the table to try what everyone else in the group has ordered," says Dave Wallinga, vice president of Guest Marketing for Panda Restaurant Group Inc. "For Panda, online ordering is about more than just simple convenience. It's about streamlining mealtime to create an easier way for our guests to come together with their family—in whatever form that might be—over a shared meal."

Panda's online ordering is uniquely designed to allow multiple people to place orders from separate devices, combining them all into a single order. This innovative group ordering system allows each user to place their order with ease. Each person can pay separately or one user can pay for the entire order. Large group catering orders can also be placed through Panda’s online ordering. The platform is available online, as well as in a mobile app version for iOS and Android devices. Guests who order online or through the mobile app will be able to go directly to the register for pickup at their selected Panda Express location.

To encourage guests to try the new Online Ordering, Panda Express is also bringing back one of their most beloved dishes, Honey Sesame Chicken Breast.

“This is the ideal time to reintroduce this delicious, fresh meal—it’s one of the busiest times of the year—when kids are heading back to school and families are strapped for time,” Wallinga says. “Now guests can conveniently order their meals online and pick it up on the way home from activities."

The Honey Sesame Chicken Breast comeback is a limited-time offer available through December 31 at all Panda Express locations and through online ordering. 

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