Panda Express is putting a new twist on its traditional combo meals and introducing the Surf and Turf promotion beginning July 11. 

As part of the promotion, Panda Express is bringing back its popular Peppercorn Shrimp, which can be paired with a new guest favorite, Shanghai Angus Steak, to create a Surf & Turf plate. Available for a limited time, this meal is also Wok Smart, as both entrées have fewer than 250 calories each.

A perfect match with Shanghai Angus Steak, Peppercorn Shrimp features fresh and tender shrimp expertly wok’d with chopped yellow onions, asparagus, and sweet red bell peppers in a signature green peppercorn sauce. Shanghai Angus Steak features thick-cut slices of premium Angus top sirloin, marinated in Asian seasonings and wok seared with fresh asparagus, mushrooms, and onions in a rich, sweet, and savory Asian-style steak sauce.

With a wide variety of Surf and Turf entrees, the Surf and Turf plates give guests many possibilities to mix and match their perfect combination. Guests may also choose from other surf and turf entrees such as Beijing Beef, Honey Walnut Shrimp, Broccoli Beef, or Crispy Shrimp.

“Guests couldn’t get enough of our Peppercorn Shrimp dish earlier this year, which kept our kitchen popping with green peppercorns and delicious shrimp. We’re excited to bring back the dish and it’s a natural fit to pair it with another guest favorite, Shanghai Angus Steak,” says Andy Kao, executive chef at Panda Express. “This is the ultimate Surf & Turf plate and a delicious illustration of Panda giving its customers more of what they love.”

Surf & Turf plates are another way to order at Panda Express. The savory offering of Peppercorn Shrimp and Shanghai Angus Steak is only available through Sept. 25 at Panda Express locations nationwide.

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