Bailey Lauerman launched new advertising work for Panda Express, the agency’s first campaign since being awarded the account following a review in January 2014.

The work, which introduces the brand’s new positioning and promotes two limited-time menu items, includes television, outdoor, radio, online, social media, and in-store support.

“We have always been struck by Panda’s focus on bringing things together to create something even greater—ingredient combinations that create new flavors; people who come together to share a meal; and team members who serve up great food and a great experience to our guests,” says Carter Weitz, chief creative officer for Bailey Lauerman. “It’s what has made Panda so successful, and it’s what inspired the idea of Panda ‘anda’—a fun little phrase that embodies the authentic culture of Panda.”

“This campaign really captures who we are as a restaurant and as an organization,” says Dave Wallinga, vice president of Guest Marketing for Panda Restaurant Group Inc. “Lots of people know us for great Chinese food, but our future is focused on sharing even more about Panda. We want everyone who enters our restaurants to have a great meal—and a little something more.”

Three 30-second spots introduce all the ‘andas’ that guests will find at Panda, including two new limited-time offers—Orange Chicken with Bacon and Shiitake Kale Chicken Breast.

Panda Anda showcases the many ‘andas’ available at Panda—from the food to the experiences that happen around a meal.

With Bacon introduces Orange Chicken with Bacon through the consumer ritual of reading a fortune out loud at the end of a meal. Leveraging the familiar game of adding an alternative ending to a fortune, the table of Panda guests make the custom unique to their experience with Orange Chicken with Bacon.

Brockatake brings a light-hearted approach to the mix of superfood ingredients found in Panda’s new Shiitake Kale Chicken Breast. A table filled with Panda guests give their best take on what the dish should be called, bringing these popular ingredients together in one combination.

The spots are accompanied in select markets with outdoor, radio, and online media. Social media content, promotions, and in-store messaging across all 1,700 locations also support this national campaign.

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