As the Year of the Ram approaches, Panda Express is bringing a taste of the holiday, Chinese New Year, to guests throughout the communities it serves. 

The 15-day Chinese New Year celebration begins with a family feast and culminates in a festival of lanterns to light the way for the new year. Throughout the celebration, a variety of foods and traditions symbolize elements of a happy and prosperous year to come. Panda Express invites guests to experience these traditions in store and online in a variety of ways, including sending virtual red envelopes for good fortune; playing an online matching game of Chinese zodiac; and downloading coupons.

"Chinese New Year is a time to reunite with those you consider family and honor traditions that will usher in happiness and good fortune in the new year. It is a holiday that can be embraced and celebrated by people from all cultural backgrounds," says Andrea Cherng, chief marketing officer for Panda Express. "As a family owned company, we are honored to share this holiday and its rich traditions with our communities. We wish everyone good fortune, ‘gong xi fa cai,’ for the new year and invite all to celebrate with us.”

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