Panda Restaurant Group has partnered with the Oakland Zoo in
an effort to bring two giant pandas to the Bay Area. Nearly
50 of the company’s Panda Express restaurants in the region
will host Oakland Zoo Night fundraisers to support the
campaign. “In the Chinese culture, pandas symbolize peace and
good fortune,” says Peggy Cherng, Ph.D., CEO and co-chair.
“Bringing these incredible animals to the Oakland Zoo will be
beneficial for everyone, especially local children. This is a
wonderful opportunity for all of us at Panda Restaurant Group
to share our passion for pandas!”

Oakland Zoo Night fundraisers will be held at Bay Area Panda
Express locations on a monthly basis in April, May, and June.
During the events, 20 percent of net sales will be donated to
the Oakland Giant Panda Foundation. In addition to raising an
anticipated $35,000, the events will also increase local
awareness about the Zoo’s campaign to open a giant panda
sanctuary, research center, and exhibit. The zoo is hoping to
bring two giant pandas to their facility in late 2005 for a
10-year visit.

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