Industry News | April 5, 2010

Panda Express Wants Your Feedback

By employing a new software system that allows companies to gain access to Customer Experience Management (CEM) data, Panda Express is aiming to get more out of customer feedback to improve its Asian quick-service chain.

“Access to actionable, up-to-the minute guest feedback is critical to Panda Express, where focus on guest service is priority,” said Nader Garschi, Panda Express’ executive director of concept innovations, in a press release. “We needed a technology solution that would deliver timely guest feedback, in an easily accessible manner, enabling employees from management to a store’s front line to understand top areas for improvement and then act on that information.”

Via transaction receipts, Medallia’s Customer Feedback Management system, which was deployed across Panda Express’ entire 1,500-unit chain, allows guests the opportunity to respond to and rank their restaurant experience.

“Our approach is a little different,” says Nelson Pascua, vice president of retail client services for Medallia. “It’s really about creating an engaged workplace that’s very iterative in terms of listening to the customer and acting on the feedback the customers give you in terms of not only just the numbers, but in terms of the specific comments that they’re giving you.”

So far, the system has had positive response in the Panda Express system.

“What people get really excited about is having comments in real time,” Pascua says. Within an hour of a customer leaving a Panda store, operators and managers can read the customer’s comments. Whether the feedback is positive or negative, it provides the store with insight about employee engagement with customers, customer service levels, sales, and customer loyalty.

As an incentive for customers to respond to the survey, the receipt offers a buy one, get one free offer for Panda Express entrées.

“We’re really looking forward to a long-term relationship with Panda,” Pascua says.

“I know that in the past they’ve had a system that was focusing more on the numbers than the experience, and I think for any organization who truly wants to implement a feedback system, their objective shouldn’t be around performance management and [providing incentives to] people to improve their scores; it should be about helping them improve their business by improving the experience that they’re having with customers.”

By Jill Watral


good food, helpful personel quickly served

I love oriental food, can't get enough of it. I could eat it every night, well maybe 5 nights. At the restaurant near my home, it is always CLEAN, FOOD is HOT, AND THEY ARE NOT STINGY IN DISHING IT ONTO THE PLATE. They do an excellent job. They are always friendly and are always happy to see you. This is making me hungery, maybe I will stop by tonight. By the way, I couldn't find the $5 coupon site. You make it impossible. WHY

it was clean good food,good prices

I worked many year in Solana Beach San Diego Panda Express look at many things that are not common the manager was Jos Holguin had a relation with a cashier name Alicia they came out of work by hours leaving the work to the other when only returning they just fix their hours no one could say anything for fear of losing their jobs Jos Holguin moved the cameras of different places so that nobody could see what they doing I worked for 5 years and never received anything of bonus Jos Holguin said that never did a sale during 2 years who were once checking I and my colleagues and stand that was altering the sales of the past years to that way we can thing never did sales that had not also one of the manager lin or lean arrived by pressing and shouting to all workers no one reason I dont know why nobody says anything maybe does not have legal documents for work and have fear to loss they jobs unfortunately all change thanks to the managers that cannot handle this type of redlines thank you very much!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!.It is good to know the opinions of the workers they depend on their PANDA EXPRESS restaurants

We enjoy eating at Panda Express a lot. The workers are always very friendly and treat us very well.

We enjoy eating at Panda Express a lot. The workers are always very friendly and treat us very well.

Great tasting food. Keep coming back for more every week.

Always good food at a fair price.

good food, helpful personel quickly served

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