Papa John’s customers can now order pizza while browsing social media.

The brand’s national Facebook page now features a “Start Order” button, which gives customers the chance to order pizzas, desserts, and sides through Facebook. When ordering through Facebook, customers will receive 25 percent off regular menu prices by entering promo code: FBIX.

Customers can access Papa John’s Facebook Instant Experience through several entry points so they can order pizza without ever having to leave the Facebook app—via the brand’s national Facebook page as well as the Timeline’s “Order Food” option, indicated by a hamburger icon.

“People are spending more and more time each day on social networks like Facebook talking to friends and family about everything, including, ‘What are we going to do for dinner?’ so we felt like this was a no-brainer. It’s just a better, easier experience than having to jump out to an app or separate website,” Papa John’s chief marketing officer Brandon Rhoten says in an email. “With 2 billion active users a month, pretty much everyone’s a Facebook Instant Order away from better pizza.”

Rhoten says that within minutes of announcing the capability on Papa John’s Facebook page, orders were coming in and that number will continue to grow.

“Pizza has become an e-commerce industry with more than half of sales through digital channels, so anything we can do to improve the digital experience increases the odds of increased sales,” he says. “The key for us is to not chase every new technology—we try to focus on tech that works to improve the experience and get our better pizza to people in the best ways.”

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