Industry News | October 22, 2013

Papa Murphy’s Carves Up LTO Jack-o-Lantern Pizza

Millions of kids will hit the pavement, traveling door-to-door on October 31. Papa Murphy’s wants to send a word of caution to parents this Halloween: Never trick-or-treat on an empty stomach.

Historically, October 31 has been one of the take-and-bake pizza chain’s busiest days of the year. In fact, many of Papa Murphy’s more than 1,380 locations see flocks of costume-clad families coming through the door for the return of the Jack-o-Lantern Pizza.

The Jack-o-Lantern Pizza is made so families can bake it in their home oven before trick-or-treating. It’s made from scratch dough topped with grated cheese and pepperoni slices arranged to resemble a Jack-o-Lantern’s face.

Already available in stores, the Jack-o-Lantern Pizza takes 12 to 18 minutes to bake in customers’ home ovens. 

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