Papa Murphy’s Holdings, Inc. announced the launch of the brand’s first national advertising campaign, “Papa Murphy’s Law”, to accelerate the company’s growth as a national brand. Launching on January 23, the campaign will run for three weeks.

The campaign draws inspiration from Papa Murphy’s core target audience of families. Using humor to highlight the mayhem of modern parenthood, the campaign features familiar depictions of life with children. In contrast to the parenthood of perfection idealized before social media, moms and dads will connect with the featured stories of survival. The Murphy’s Law adage states that anything that can go wrong, will go wrong. Many moms and dads have experienced those moments of tension and now relish in sharing them with other parents that have inevitably experienced the same chaos.

“’Papa Murphy’s Law’ shows that if you give your family real, fresh ingredients without the burden of prep or cleanup, you can avoid the chaos…at least when it comes to dinner,” says Brandon Solano, chief marketing officer at Papa Murphy’s. “We are excited to share our unique approach to pizza and superior product quality with families across the country.”

Papa Murphy’s is also highlighting recent menu enhancements with this national advertising. Extensive consumer research was conducted in late 2016 to update recipes for current consumer tastes. The new recipes feature the following (on large pizzas):

Chicken Bacon Artichoke: 50 percent more bacon

Herb Chicken Mediterranean: 33 percent more chicken raised without antibiotics

Papa’s All Meat: 33 percent more sausage and 43 percent more Canadian bacon

5-Meat Stuffed: 33 percent more sausage, 50 percent more bacon and 43 percent more Canadian bacon

The first national advertising commercial will feature the new recipe of Papa’s All Meat with scratch-made dough, red sauce, Canadian bacon, salami, pepperoni, Italian sausage, and ground beef.

“We have achieved a loyal following by giving our customers high-quality meal options with easy, bake-at-home convenience, and now our customers will love the taste of our pizzas even more,” says Papa Murphy’s chair of the board and interim chief executive officer, Jean Birch. “I’m excited to extend our first-ever national television as an invitation for everyone to come in and try these new and improved pizzas.”

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