Papa Murphy’s Holdings Inc. announced its selection of BellTower Technologies to implement its state-of-the-art communication, management, and reporting system to quickly respond in the event of suspected food quality or safety issues.

“Papa Murphy’s is dedicated to providing our customers with a great experience, and as a result, food safety and quality is at the center of that focus,” says Dan Harmon, senior vice president of operations at Papa Murphy’s. “We are committed to offering our guests the highest-quality menu items, and we are proud to collaborate with an organization that values the importance of food and product quality and safety.”

BellTower Technologies is a global provider of food recall and withdrawal communications solutions. The company offers fast, interactive mass communication, management, and reporting solutions for business continuity, disaster recovery, emergency management, and a host of routine communications. BellTower will provide communication services for Papa Murphy’s restaurants through its Instant Recall service, used by leading food distribution and foodservice companies. The centralized command-and-control communications platform will enable, standardize, and simplify emergency communications to help ensure customer safety, and will provide nearly instantaneous communication across all restaurant locations to ensure fast and verified response.

“We look forward to working with Papa Murphy’s to provide the company and its franchisees with the appropriate technology and resources to effectively manage its critical communications,” says Alexey Karasev, vice president of operations. “We believe our technology will be beneficial to Papa Murphy’s and help to ensure that the company serves only the highest quality products made with safe and fresh ingredients.”

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