Papa Murphy’s has partnered with Traeger Pellet Grills, LLC, the country’s leading manufacturer of handcrafted wood pellet grills, to celebrate July’s status as National Grilling Month. From June 23rd through August 4th, over 400 Papa Murphy’s locations in eight major metropolitan areas will be giving away pizza samples cooked on Traeger’s most popular grill, the Lil’ Tex ($699, suggested retail price). Additionally, over 400 Lil’ Tex grills will be given away via an in-store sweepstakes, one in each participating store. The eight markets and their respective number of Papa Murphy’s locations are as follows:

• Denver, Colorado; 41 locations

• Madison, Wisconsin; 16 locations

• Milwaukee, Wisconsin; 30 locations

• Minneapolis, Minnesota; 72 locations

• Phoenix, Arizona; 15 locations

• Portland, Oregon; 80 locations

• Sacramento, California; 54 locations

• Seattle, Washington; 94 locations

Papa Murphy’s specially-designed paper pizza trays and specific grilling instructions allow grillers to easily cook their pizzas on gas, charcoal, or wood pellet grills. “Our pizza has incredible ‘grillability’!” says Evan Evans, vice president of corporate communications at Papa Murphy’s. “Winter, spring, summer, and fall…our pizza can be easily customized to fit any season no matter what the weather brings. Don’t want to heat up the oven on a hot summer day? Fire up the grill and experience the unique flavors that are brought out in the pizza.”

“We’ve been grilling Papa Murphy’s pizzas for some time now and are excited to share it with a larger audience. Traeger wood pellet grills cook at a controlled temperature and with indirect heat. It makes baking a Papa Murphy’s pizza fast, predictable. and simple,” adds Bruce Bjorkman, Traeger’s director of marketing.

The Lil’ Tex BBQ sweepstakes drawing will be held at each store on August 5th. For official sweepstakes rules and to register to win, visit one of Papa Murphy’s participating locations.

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