ParTech Inc. (PAR), a subsidiary of PAR Technology Corporation, announced the new PAR Tablet 10 to the PAR mobile product family at FSTEC Booth 501. The new PAR Tablet 10 gives customers the opportunity to fully utilize the power of mobility in a variety of hospitality and retail environments.

When used with a stand, the PAR Tablet 10 can be used as a self-service station for personalized and faster ordering, or to replace a traditional POS terminal when space is limited. The tablet can also be used as a tabletop application for upselling and gaming. Optional wall mounts allow for consumer access to loyalty programs participation and surveys. The larger size makes the PAR Tablet 10 ideal for customer engagement through interactive marketing programs and visual aids. The device also enables manager access to information anywhere on the store floor or use as a portable training tool for associates.

“We are pleased to offer an extended family of products to meet any mobile customer needs in hospitality and retail,” says Karen E. Sammon, president of ParTech Inc. “With the addition of the PAR Tablet 10, customers now have the flexibility to customize tablet use to every specific need and application.”

The PAR Tablet 10 offers the same mobility and functionality as the PAR Tablet 8, with a new 10-inch display screen. The PAR Tablet 10 is the perfect balance of size and reliability with the ability to withstand the demanding hospitality or retail environment. With up to 10 hours of real world use, the tablet can be used throughout the entire shift by associates and customers in any environment.

Like the PAR Tablet 8, the PAR Tablet 10 enables less downtime for users to reliably run their businesses and to interface with customers versus consumer products.  Based on Microsoft’s Windows Embedded 8.1 Industry operating system and Intel Architecture and with a lifecycle model of up to 4 years, the same model can be utilized for an entire technology implementation cycle with customers.

The PAR Tablet 10 will be globally available late October 2014 in an initial 48 countries to PAR customers and partners. 

“The PAR Tablet 8 has increased customer satisfaction and service by creating an efficient system for table turn over. In addition to quicker seating, the tablet also gives us the flexibility to service our guests in non-traditional environments including banquets, outdoor events and patio service with its mobility and durability. ” says Joe McCall, owner of Joey’s Pasta and Party House.

PAR offers the accessories that configure the PAR Tablet 8 to meet the mobile needs of a hospitality or retail operation.  Accessories include a magnetic stripe reader smart back cover (MSR), tablet shield, two cradle options, and neck or wrist straps.