Paris Baguette announced new appointments to its executive leadership team to support its mission of developing an inclusive, global, and entrepreneurial culture while positioning for long-term growth.

As of January 1, former Chief Operating Officer (COO), Darren Tipton, assumed the role of CEO of Paris Baguette’s United States business operations. In his new role, Tipton oversees multiple departments including Franchise Sales & Development, Real Estate, Café Design & Construction, Café Operations, and many more.

Tipton joined Paris Baguette in October 2018 where he served as Vice President of Operations and COO. Prior to Paris Baguette, Tipton held numerous roles with leading restaurants and organizations in the industry, including his position as Vice President of Operations at Le Pain Quotidien. 

Former Chief Executive Officer (CEO), Jack Moran, assumed the role of Global CEO, where he is responsible for business development in the Americas, Europe and other territories. Moran, who has worked at Paris Baguette since July 2018, brings over 25 years of experience within the fast-casual dining space to Paris Baguette, previously holding a variety of executive roles including CEO at Le Pain Quotidien, and Director of Operations at Au Bon Pain.

“It is a privilege to succeed Jack Moran as US CEO and I am thrilled to be working alongside him during such an exciting growth period for Paris Baguette,” says former COO, Darren Tipton.  “With the new year upon us, we are eager to continue Paris Baguette’s growing momentum and remain dynamic in enhancing our brand values while becoming one of the county’s most reputable and renowned bakery café businesses”

“It is an absolute honor to be promoted to Global CEO of Paris Baguette and to contribute to the company’s accelerated growth, expansion, and strategy across the globe,” adds former CEO Jack Moran. “As we head into 2020, I look forward to another transformative year and continuing our ultimate mission of becoming the largest and most renowned bakery café business in the world.”

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