Paris Baguette, a bakery café concept with 4,000 units worldwide, is growing quickly in America. With over 160 bakery cafés in the U.S., another 44 awarded, 72 leases signed and another 82 looking for real estate, they have built a strong presence nationwide. Paris Baguette continues along an impressive growth trajectory with its most recent bakery café opening at 18602 Alderwood Mall Pkwy Suite 1115, Lynnwood, WA 98037 on May 27th, making this the first Paris Baguette café to open in the state of Washington.

Yoon Chang, an experienced entrepreneur who’s owned and operated businesses in the dry-cleaning and bubble-tea industries, has been a long-time fan of Paris Baguette, the global bakery café franchise. Whenever he would visit a location that had a café, he would wonder: “When will Paris Baguette open in Seattle?” So, after some deliberation with his nephew, Joshua Chang, Yoon decided to open one in the area himself.

The uncle and nephew franchise duo are bringing Paris Baguette to the Seattle suburb of Lynnwood. The Changs look forward to opening a place where the community can gather and enjoy Paris Baguette’s freshly baked goods.

“Everytime I go to a Paris Baguette, I always end up buying so many baked goods, and still my family and I eat it all. Also, Paris Baguette is such a dominant company because of the quality and I think it will do really well here,” says Yoon. “Paris Baguette makes fresh baked goods everyday. There aren’t many good bakeries around anymore in the area so, I’m excited for this great addition to the community.”

The Lynnwood café opening is a milestone for the brand, as it will be the first café to open in Washington. As their growth continues, Paris Baguette is looking to the 1,000-unit mark in the U.S. and working to expand through meaningful partnerships with local entrepreneurs who show a genuine interest in uniting their neighbors through connections over delicious baked goods and fresh coffee drinks.

“We’re on a mission to revive the concept of the neighborhood bakery café across the U.S., and we’re excited to see Yoon and Joshua take this on in their own community,” says Eric Lavinder, Chief Development Officer. “One of the sayings our teams throughout the system embody is, ‘Happy to see you. Even happier to serve you.’ And we know Yoon and Joshua will wholeheartedly embrace this approach in their neighborhood.”

In the $17 billion bakery segment, it is Paris Baguette’s person-first approach that allows them to differentiate themselves, offering an attractive opportunity for entrepreneurs looking to build something both lucrative and meaningful. The brand’s consistently climbing average unit volumes speak to the strength of the model, but Paris Baguette has never lost sight of their mission to revive the neighborhood bakery café.

As the team works toward opening 100 bakery cafés and awarding another 150 this year, they are focused on bringing the Paris Baguette experience to neighborhoods in Texas, Florida, Georgia, Tennessee, Ohio and Kentucky.

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