The internationally renowned, bakery-café Paris Baguette is supporting their local communities by donating baked goods to those fighting on the front lines in response to the COVID-19 pandemic.

Paris Baguette began partnering with local hospitals throughout the tristate area including Mount Sinai West, NYC H + H/Metropolitan Hospital Center, and St. Joseph’s University Medical Center, to deliver freshly baked pastries and cookies for their staff.

To continue showing their appreciation to hospital staff and medical workers, Paris Baguette is now expanding their donations and will aim to deliver weekly drop-offs to hospitals on the West Coast and the East Coast every Tuesday.

“The response from our first donation in New York City was so overwhelming, that we want to continue giving back to the communities we serve to show our support and gratitude during this time,” says Darren Tipton, Chief Executive Officer of Paris Baguette. “We know that the healthcare workers and medical professionals are battling selflessly on the frontlines of this pandemic and the least that we can do is make sure they have plenty of delicious baked goods waiting for them and hope to bring a bit of positivity to their day.”

For any hospitals interested in coordinating a pastry donation, please contact Paris Baguette at

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