Paris Baguette, an internationally renowned premium bakery-café specializing in delightful bread, pastries and cakes, has launched its mobile app where customers can receive news of new seasonal or holiday launches, and earn rewards through each purchase made at the 75 plus locations across the country.

Paris Baguette’s full-feature rewards app allows customers to collect points with every purchase and receive exclusive offers, while ordering ahead with ease. Through the app, customers can receive treats on special occasions like birthdays, holidays, and more. Each dollar spent through the app earns the customer one point and once fifty points is reached, they are rewarded with a free pastry of choice.  Customers can also receive points by referring friends and family to download the app, and join in on the fun.

“We are beyond excited to launch our app and showcase the extensive Paris Baguette menu to the digital world.  Throughout the year, we plan to expand our in-app payment capabilities, including additional features that will make purchasing baked goods even more convenient while on-the-go,” says Jack F. Moran, Chief Executive Officer of Paris Baguette.

Customers can sign up for the app with their email or Facebook account, and members who use Facebook to sign up will automatically receive ten points to their Paris Baguette account. Additionally, when making a purchase for the first time through the app, members receive a free brewed coffee or tea. The app is available for download on all smartphones through Apple App and Google Play Stores.

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