ParTech, Inc., a global restaurant technology company building a unified commerce cloud platform for enterprise restaurants, announced that it has acquired the Techknow multi-sensor drive-thru timer to expand its drive-thru solutions in the restaurant technology space.

PAR will offer the multi-sensor timing solution in conjunction with existing drive-thru communications and Brink POS products, providing managed installation, customer support and service for a complete drive-through solution. The addition of the multi-sensor drive-thru timer allows PAR to provide restaurant operators a complete end-to-end solution for the drive-thru experience and strategic pricing to capitalize on early sales opportunities. The expanded PAR drive-thru solutions offer immediate value to restaurant operators by reducing drive-thru wait times and compiling detailed and actionable store, local and enterprise level reports through a simplified user-friendly software interface.

“In today’s restaurant environment, best-in-class drive-thru technology is critical to a brand’s success, and its importance and value will only continue to grow,” says Jason Riggs, PAR’s General Manager of Hardware. “The addition of the new timer technology allows us to offer a more complete solution to our restaurant partners, and we are excited to begin working on our next generation of headsets to complement the existing technology.”

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