Industry News | January 19, 2015

Partnership Formed For Better Lid Closure

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First Quality Enterprises Inc. announced today the entry of an exclusive licensing agreement with uVu Technologies LLC, an innovator of patented technology in the field of lid closure systems.

 “This new lid technology will enable our group to further differentiate and expand its premium line of product offerings in 2015,” a First Quality’s spokesman said. “The uVu technology will offer the marketplace a critical and necessary level of safety for baristas and consumers in handling on-the-go hot beverages.”

David Weiss, CEO of uVu Technologies, said  “We are thrilled to team up with First Quality and look forward to seeing uVu’s technology expand globally, becoming state-of-the-art in design and safety for all lid closure systems to follow.”

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Our franchise stores have carried uVu products for 3 years and the customers love their coffee lid! We've actually sold more coffee and tea and both our employees and customers are safer. What a great lid. I call it the best lid on the planet!

I own three tea specialty shops in Maine and found this product at a trade show in New York last year. Before using their lid, I used the starbucks style white lid and I cringed each time I handed hot tea to my customers because no matter what I did, I could not be sure the lid word not pop off. Because they did and customers were getting hurt. I even got hurt. After we started using this great lid, no more problems at all! When will everyone wake up and get it instead of endangering their own employees and customers???Nd in Bangor.

Really wish our franchise carried these lids. I saw them at a competitor's store, tried them, and loved them!

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