PathSpot, the leading health and safety system for the food service industry, announced the launch of its SafetySuite, an innovative range of interconnected hardware and software tools designed to modernize and elevate back-of-house (BOH) safety procedures. PathSpot’s expanded product portfolio delivers best-in-class health, safety and hygiene management technology to help businesses that prepare and serve food drive profitability, simplify compliance and promote a Culture of Cleanliness both inside and outside of their four walls.

Recognized for its flagship HandScanner that detects harmful bacteria contaminating employees in real-time, PathSpot’s SafetySuite now offers additional capabilities that enable brands to efficiently control the food and equipment safety itself.  This includes managing temperatures, tracking expiration timelines, monitoring hygiene, and meeting other health-related inspection requirements to identify and mitigate unseen risks, optimize labor, reduce costs and foster a safer environment. Even more, its SafetySuite Hub centralizes cloud-based analytics from its range of solutions to improve visibility into food preparation in order to help operators maintain consistent, high-quality food safety standards shared throughout  an organization – no handwritten, potentially  inaccurate audits required. Available from any connected device, the SafetySuite Hub provides real-time feedback, insights into data trends and smart recommendations that reduce risks across the safety spectrum, ensure accountability and empower operators to take quick action for audit-readiness.

“As the hospitality and food service industries continue to face a variety of macro-economic challenges, brands simply can’t afford to spend time manually managing safety and compliance and risk the potential for food waste, expensive shutdowns, insurance hikes and audit failures,” says Christine Schindler, Co-founder & CEO at PathSpot. “Our new SafetySuite digitizes the full health and safety system to save operators meaningful time and resources with tools that streamline the audit process, improve reporting accuracy and empower employees to focus on what matters most – the culinary and guest experience. We’re thrilled to be leading the way for digital safety and wellness for the food service industry as we work to make the preventable spread of foodborne disease a thing of the past.”

In addition to its flagship HandScanner, PathSpot’s innovative SafetySuite includes:

PowerTemp – Low-cost temperature and humidity loggers track performance data to avoid bacterial growth, prevent food loss and comply with industry-specific requirements.

PowerTasks – Task management system simplifies in-store checklists, allowing brands to track, manage and store electronic records for maximum operational efficiency.

PowerLabels – Advanced label system pairs with existing printers to make food labeling quick and easy and improve reporting accuracy.

“By embracing PathSpot, we’ve significantly improved our compliance and safety standards, reducing the risk to our brands by automating the onerous task of filling out manual HACCP logs,” said Doug Davis, Sr. Global Director of Food Safety at Marriott International.

“We use PathSpot across all of our commissaries,” adds Rob Trudel, VP of Quality Assurance at Bento Sushi. “My staff loves the cooldown process probes and environmental temperature sensors because they replace the need for pen/paper HACCP forms. And the HandScanners are a constant gut check on handwashing. This stuff is too important to mess around with. The more you reduce the risk of manual error, the more trust you earn with regulators. It’s a no-brainer, and it should be the industry standard.”

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