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    Pay-Later Gift Cards Make Rewards Less Costly

  • Industry News August 27, 2013

    Businesses can say goodbye to the waste associated with their rewards and incentive programs.


    Kiind, an online service recently launched across the USA, allows businesses to send gift cards but only pay when the recipient uses the gift. Using Kiind, businesses of any size can quickly send out trackable rewards over email to hundreds or thousands of employees.


    This year, an estimated $3 billion dollars will be spent needlessly on rewards that are never claimed. Kiind helps businesses spend wisely by only paying for rewards if and when they are used.



Unnecessary spending on employee and customer engagement no longer has to be a cost of building great relationships. Business can set expiry dates on their reward offers. Should a reward go unclaimed, businesses are notified so they can offer an alternate reward if the employee is still at the company.


    Business personalize rewards by offering employees a choice between multiple gift cards. This allows recipients to select a reward that fits best for them. Future reward offerings are further personalized based on the recipient's previous selections and usage. These new insights help employers send unique rewards to each person, no matter the size of the company.



Kiind rewards can also be donated to charitable causes. Employees and business can track the positive social impact their choices have made. Linking rewards programs to corporate social responsibility serves the community and business, and motivates employees.

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