Pay Wave announced a rugged and secure drive-thru consumer-operated payment solution, the Pay Wave model DT150 that supports credit, debit, and contactless cards and integrates with existing POS payment systems for easy implementation.


The patent pending Pay Wave DT150 is designed for convenience-oriented service businesses that operate drive-thru facilities, like quick-service restaurants and pharmacies, and unattended locations such as parking lots, is encased in a rugged, weather-resistant housing to withstand the environmental rigors of outdoor use and to resist vandalism or tampering. It features a display that is highly readable in sunlight and an interface that leverages Pay Wave's expertise in customer-activated payment systems to ensure consumer ease-of-use in drive-thru and other types of unattended operations.


We are market leaders when it comes to providing value to the store owners and drive thru customers. Our patent pending wave designed system combines durability and easy to use for outdoor mobile payments. The [quick service restaurant] industry business demands of rising labor costs, service speed, maximizing building space utilization with balancing a safe and easy to use payment transaction for consumers led Pay Wave to design the DT150 outdoor mobile payment system. I believe the DT150 is the market leader and first to market outdoor mobile payment system specifically designed for the drive thru application in the [quick service restaurant] industry," says Werner Dietrich, vice president of system engineering and development. "Over the past year, that industry has widely adopted electronic card payments and experienced increased throughput and increased per-customer sales. Now the industry wants to realize those benefits in the drive-thru lanes where they take in an estimated 60 percent of total revenue."


The Pay Wave DT150 can be mounted at the payment window, where it interfaces via a Pay Wave proprietary system and the electronic point of sale systems. The DT150 has an optional video camera and comes in a variety of colors and finishes.


The Pay Wave DT150 is designed to meet PCI PED certification requirements and provides consumers with a secure payment experience as they can keep their mobile phones and credit cards in-hand in outdoor environments and also utilize PIN debit or the new contactless cards. The system utilizes a familiar, dip-insertion style card reader for magnetic stripe credit and debit cards, and the keypad features rugged metal-cap keys in an ATM-style interface.

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