BHI Advanced Internet, provider of Internet security and PCI compliance solutions through SecureConnect, enhanced its easyPCI packages to include more comprehensive features. The updated packages include File Integrity Monitoring and an Information Security Policy (ISP) template, both of which help fulfill requirements within the Payment Card Industry Data Security Standard (PCI DSS).

“There is no other service provider or software company that offers File Integrity Monitoring specifically suited for the quick-service restaurant market,” says Andrew Brooker, information security manager at BHI.

File Integrity Monitoring helps to identify unauthorized changes to critical files and notifies when such changes occur. It is important as it can indicate that you have been breached or are at risk of being compromised.

“Bringing File Integrity Monitoring to market for SecureConnect customers is very significant because it is extremely cost effective and easy to use,” Brooker says. “Because SecureConnect offers File Integrity Monitoring as a service, it eliminates the need for owner/operators to invest in complex infrastructure.”

Another enhancement to the SecureConnect suite of services is the Information Security Policy (ISP) template. An Information Security Policy is the necessary driver for successful compliance and security initiatives. The ISP serves as the governing mandate on how information must be stored, processed, and transmitted, and how changes to configuration and infrastructure are approved, changed, and tested. As part of the 12th requirement within the PCI DSS, the ISP is important to maintaining effective security procedures.

“Offering this ISP template to the [quick-serve] industry at such a low price point is unparalleled to other software assisted policies and template offerings,” Brooker says.