Award-winning restaurant PDQ is debuting its new brand mascot and adding it to the PDQ logo, which rolls out in stores starting this week. Created by award-winning artist Burton Morris, who is celebrated for his pop culture references, bold lines and graphics, the logo now features a PDQ chicken mascot on top of the iconic red and yellow letter blocks.

“Like everything we do at PDQ, focused on quality and made from scratch, we felt our logo needed to include a mascot, made from scratch with an artist’s touch,” says PDQ CEO and Co-Founder Nick Reader. “The second we saw Burton’s creativity and ability to make pop culture items come to life, we knew he would be the perfect person for the job.”

The logo features a drawing of a chicken with a light-hearted glint in its eye and a thumbs-up, sitting on top of PDQ’s three letter blocks. The chicken wears a chef’s coat, representing the focus on quality ingredients and the chef-inspired menu at all PDQ locations. The thumbs-up is a nod to the fun atmosphere in every restaurant that guests will enjoy, as well as the fun enjoyed by the PDQ team in serving its guests.

Over the last two decades, Burton Morris has created signature images for the US Olympic Team, FIFA World Cup, MLB All-Star Game, the Academy Awards and other high-profile brands and organizations.

“I wanted to translate the positive spirit of the PDQ brand into the logo,” says Morris. “When someone sees the chicken for the first time, I hope it makes them excited and happy to come in and try the food.”

The logos are included on all brand collateral and messaging. At PDQ’s next opening this Sunday, December 10, in Westchase, Florida, it will debut the new logo throughout the entire restaurant, including on menus and signage.

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