Peet’s Coffee, The Original Craft Coffee, announced that its beverages for the 2019 winter season feature the return of turmeric spice with fan favorite Golden Caffè Latte and menu newcomers Golden Cold Brew Fog and Golden Matcha Latte.

“When we unveiled turmeric last year with our Golden Caffè Latte, we were met with instant success,” said Patrick Main, Senior R&D Manager, Peet’s Coffee. “Not only are we excited to bring back this beloved beverage for winter, but we are proud to also introduce Golden Cold Brew Fog and Golden Matcha Latte. They highlight the flavorful and fragrant spice, as well as the Peet’s Coffee commitment to craft and coffee first. “

The following 2019 winter beverages, handcrafted with organic and all-natural ingredients, are available across participating Peet’s coffeebars January 9 to May 21.

  • Golden Caffè Latte: hand-steamed milk carefully blended with earthy turmeric and poured over expertly pulled espresso infused with ginger and a touch of honey sweetness.
  • Golden Cold Brew Fog: Baridi Blend cold brew, brightened with turmeric, honey syrup and ginger and lightly blended with milk and ice.
  • Golden Matcha Latte: Authentic Mighty Leaf Tea® Matcha green tea, delicately steamed with milk, golden turmeric and honey syrup.

“Turmeric is prized for its reputed health benefits, as well as its warm, earthy flavor and beautiful, bright golden color,” said Main. “It is great for those seeking wellness-centric beverage options in the new year.”

As with all coffee available at Peet’s, guests can mix their golden beverages with coconut, soy, or almond milk.

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