Peet's Coffee Rolls Out New Winter Menu

    Industry News | January 3, 2023

    The Peet's Coffee new winter menu is designed to ring in the New Year right, after a long and indulgent holiday season. Infused with bright, vibrant flavors and luscious espresso, Peet's Golden collection returns with a Golden Caffe Latte, Golden Chai Latte, and new Golden Cold Brew Oat Latte, all featuring turmeric, ginger, and honey flavors. If you've only thought of Peet's Coffee for breakfast, think again. The new menu introduces Peet's savory Toasted Caprese Sandwich with basil pesto for all day enjoyment. Combined with the invigorating flavor and sunny hue of these ingredients, the golden beverages are a top selling Peet's offering each winter.

    Winter menu items will be available nationwide for a limited time starting on Jan. 4, 2023, at participating Peet's coffeebars and via mobile order with the Peetnik Rewards app.

    "At Peet's, our beverage team crafts memorable flavors to capture the mood and taste of each season," says Jessica Buttimer, Vice President of Brand at Peet's Coffee. "Turmeric and ginger provide a natural zest that we associate with the fresh start of a new year; we think of them as a refreshing 'cup of Zen.'"

    The Return of a Super Favorite

    A returning favorite for more than 20 years, Ethiopian Super Natural is an extraordinary coffee known for distinctive notes of wild blueberries, white flower, balanced with a candied citron sweetness. This unique annual coffee begins in Ethiopia with hand-selected ripe coffee cherries, meticulously laid in a single layer to naturally dry in the East African sun. When the heat is at its peak, the coffee beans are shaded, and for two weeks the beans are monitored through the day to allow the sun's rays to bring out flavors as it dries. The result is out of this world, therefore, Super Natural.


    • Golden Caffe Latte (iced or hot)
      Creamy milk perfectly steamed with real turmeric, sweet and zippy notes of honey and ginger, balanced with Espresso Forte.
    • Golden Chai Latte (iced or hot) 
      Warm, aromatic, and sweet Mighty Leaf Masala Chai blended with steamed milk and warmed by real turmeric. 
    • New! Golden Cold Brew Oat Latte 
      Real, golden turmeric combined with luscious oat milk, featuring notes of invigorating ginger and honey, plus a pour of Baridi Cold Brew offers a bright and balanced cup over ice.
    • Ethiopian Super Natural
      This exceptional dark roast is a single origin coffee showcasing the region's most select coffee cherry, dried by the sun to bring out brilliant hints of blueberry that can only be described as "other worldly."
    • New! The Toasted Caprese Sandwich
      Herb-marinated roasted tomatoes, creamy mozzarella, and melty fontina cheese combined with a layer of bright pesto on herb-dusted toasted focaccia.


    Peet's Coffee is 100 percent responsibly sourced per Enveritas standards, meeting the independent, third-party global non-profits standards committed to tracking social, economic, and agricultural impact on coffee farms and smallholder farmers. Ethiopian Super Natural is supported by one of the 39 social and environmental impact programs that Peet's Coffee operates in 24 regions globally: the Regrow Yirga project supports farmer livelihood, improvement of coffee quality and production in Hambela, Ethiopia.

    Boost Your New Year

    Peet's Winter Menu is available only for a limited time through March ­­21, 2023.

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