Coffee lovers can savor all the fall feels as Peet’s Coffee debuts their anticipated new fall menu on August 24 nationwide. This season’s food and beverage offerings are inspired by the comforting and decadent tastes of fall with notes of ground cinnamon, spiced pumpkin, baked apple, and creamy caramel, all expertly matched with Peet’s Espresso Forte or Baridi Cold Brew. The retail Coffeebar menu reunites Peetnik’s with Peet’s best-selling Chicken & Waffles Sandwich for all day enjoyment. For home and office coffee cravings, Peet’s Coffee has added its first-ever seasonal flavored K-Cup pods in Pumpkin Spice to its full line of packaged coffee offerings.

Peet’s experts developed this fall’s new beverages with customization in mind. As more consumers enjoy iced coffee and espresso beverages year-round, Peet’s Coffee has a new twist on pumpkin beverages that includes the Pumpkin Cold Brew Oat Latte with Brown Sugar Jelly. Oat milk is a key ingredient in many Peet’s Coffee beverages this year. With its luscious and creamy texture, easy blending, and rich taste, oat milk complements harvest flavors like baked apple as featured in the Apple Cinnamon Oat Latte and spiced pumpkin when added to Peet’s Pumpkin Latte. By substituting oat milk in Pumpkin Latte, Peet’s seasonal beverage becomes plant-based, continuing to build on their customization offerings. For extra flavor and fun, Brown Sugar Jelly can be added to any cold beverage for an additional $0.75.

Peetnik Rewards Members will have early access to the menu as well as an exclusive beverage, Peet’s Apple Cinnamon Oat Latte, that can be enjoyed hot or iced, and ordered in advance on the Peet’s app and online at

“Each seasonal menu at Peet’s provides an opportunity to showcase our obsession with quality which runs through each step of our roasting and crafting process. Peet’s begins with responsibly sourcing the best coffee beans from the highest quality growing locations around the world,” says Patrick Main, Senior Beverage Innovator at Peet’s Coffee. “From there, we layer our proprietary Espresso Forte which is known for its rich flavor, stout body, and ability to complement any dairy or non-dairy option, with perfectly balanced spices and flavors that provide the right hint of sweetness. We invest a lot of time and attention into training our baristas on specialized techniques to prepare a hand-crafted, premium coffee or espresso beverage that fully embodies the tastes of fall and is distinctly Peet’s.”

Peet’s Coffee Fall Offerings Include:

Caramel Apple Latte – New fall feature

Rich, seasonal caramel apple butter syrup is layered with Espresso Forte and perfectly steamed milk, topped with Peet’s signature caramel swirl. Available hot or iced.

Pumpkin Cold Brew Oat Latte with Brown Sugar Jelly – New fall feature

Luscious oat milk and classic pumpkin pie syrup are whipped together, poured over ice with a scoop of Brown Sugar Jelly, all topped with a float of Baridi Cold Brew concentrate and finished with a dusting of decadent baking spice. Plant-based.

Apple Cinnamon Oat Latte – New fall feature exclusive to Peetnik Rewards Members

Comforting caramel apple syrup sweetens freshly steamed oat milk and smooth Espresso Forte for a seasonal and sophisticated sip. Available hot or iced.

Pumpkin Latte – Returning fall favorite

Hand-pulled Espresso Forte and steamed milk meet with the richness of a pumpkin pie in this indulgent seasonal favorite. Topped with a sprinkling of seasonal spices for an essential autumn treat. Available hot or iced.

Peet’s Chicken & Waffles Sandwich – Returning favorite

The fan favorite is back. First released in 2021, Chicken and Waffles is the second-highest selling sandwich at Peet’s following Everything Plant-Based Sandwich. Featuring two maple waffles, one topped with a crispy layer of toasted gouda cheese, combined with savory chicken sausage, bacon, and a custom sweet & spiced spread, Peet’s take on Chicken and Waffles is sweet, salty, and subtly spicy. Available at participating Coffeebar locations.

Pumpkin Spice Flavored K-Cup pods – New fall feature

Seasonal and aromatic, with comforting notes of cinnamon and nutmeg. Each decadent cup features a full body and smooth finish, perfect on its own or enhanced with choice of milk or cream. No artificial flavors and available for a limited time only in grocery stores, Amazon, and online at

Vine & Walnut Blend – Returning favorite

Each fall for the last six years, Peet’s roasts a medium-style blend named after the location of the original coffee shop in Berkeley where Alfred Peet first served his famous hand-roasted coffee. This limited-edition blend unites a natural processed coffee from Yemen that brings sweet notes of dates with a wet-hulled Sumatra Batak, which lends its complexity and warm spice, finished with a washed coffee from Burundi that balances the blend with essence of toasted marshmallow and touch of cranberry tang. Vine & Walnut is a medium roast blend perfectly suited to brighten the shorter days of fall. Available in Coffeebars and online at

Peet’s recently announced that all its coffee is 100 percent responsibly sourced per Enveritas standards. Enveritas is an independent, third-party global non-profit committed to tracking social, economic, and agricultural impact on coffee farms and smallholder farmers. This process allows Peet’s to better understand the most challenging sustainability issues facing these coffee providers and their communities, and provide real time, equitable solutions. Peet’s currently operates 39 social and environmental impact programs in 24 regions globally, including the Lingtong Farmer Training which is connected to the Indo-Pacific component of the limited-release Vine & Walnut Blend. Through this project, farmers receive educational support and training to become stronger stewards of their land, improve productivity, and build crop resilience.

Peet’s Coffeebars will also celebrate fall with seasonal, artisan-baked goods like spiced apple and pumpkin scones, a sweet sugar cookie, and new Apple Danish. Specific baked selections vary by location since Peet’s sources from local bakeries. Peet’s fall menu is available at participating Peet’s Coffeebars while supplies last through November 1st, 2022, and Chicken & Waffles Sandwich will be available until January 3, 2023.

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