Owned by Peet’s Coffee since 2014, Mighty Leaf is a quality brand proud of providing the most flavorful whole leaf teas, bursting with vivid flower and fruit in the tea that deliver on taste. In recent years, the brand wanted to amplify its powerful name and legacy steeped in flavor and provenance. Pearlfisher partnered with Mighty Leaf on a redesign of the brand’s packaging to highlight the distinctive difference in product and process which has always set Mighty Leaf apart. 

The new design reunites Mighty Leaf with the artistry of the whole tea leaf the brand is synonymous with, and as represented in its ‘artfully blended, beautifully presented’ tagline. By bringing the product to the fore and creating a new brand equity in the brand mark, the packaging design now brings the iconic, differentiating power of the Mighty Leaf name and proposition to the shelf.

The unique silhouette of the ‘M’ in Mighty Leaf is now formed out of real tea leaves to simply and powerfully connect the product with the brand. This acts as a visual through line, intricately weaving a continuous trail across each panel of the packaging to make a wall of Mighty Leaf on shelf. Sitting subtly behind the brand mark on each pack are a series of illustrated scenes that tell the origin and flavor story of each tea within the range. These are paired with new vibrant colors that promote the incredible flavor profiles and help with navigation. 

Trevor Oldershaw, Creative Director at Peet’s Coffee says, “From first impression to lasting impact, Mighty Leaf Tea’s new look mirrors the thoughtful exactitude and artistry of our product – allowing consumers to now see each leaf and petal from the outside to showcase the exceptional product, flavor and offer on the inside.”

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