Pei Wei Asian Kitchen announced that it has engaged Siltanen & Partners (S&P) as its Creative Agency of Record.

S&P began work on the Pei Wei account in October 2017 and, following a 360-degree brand review and overhaul, has developed a full suite of marketing materials, including “Tiger,” the brand’s new logo and company mouthpiece.

“Pei Wei has long been blessed with countless loyal fans and the freshest food in fast casual, but we believed the brand was in need of a refresh in order to achieve its full potential,” says Pei Wei Chief Marketing Officer Brandon Solano. “I brought on Rob Siltanen and his team because they are creative rock stars and they share our passion for the Pei Wei brand. Their work on Tiger and our upcoming ad campaign has been spot on, and I believe it will pay dividends for the company for years to come.”

The Tiger character will be introduced in a new multi-media advertising campaign and brought to life in-store, beginning in March. Tiger will appear throughout the campaign, dishing out his distinctive tiger ‘tude on Twitter via the handle @peiwei_tiger.

“In the battle of mind and market share, we acknowledged the magnetic power of iconography in eliciting an emotional response,” said Rob Siltanen, founder of Siltanen & Partners. “For both client and agency, the tiger captured the multi-faceted nature of the brand’s DNA. Tigers are powerful, proud and meaningful in Asian symbology … and of course, they have voracious appetites.”

Rob Siltanen cut his teeth as creative director at TBWAChiatDay. There, he wrote “To the Crazy Ones,” the celebrated commercial that launched Apple’s “Think Different” campaign. He also created some of the most successful advertising in Nissan’s history.

In 1999, Rob opened Siltanen & Partners, secure in his conviction that an independently owned, creatively led shop could produce astounding marketing results for businesses of every type. In the early going, a young S&P launched a number of startups that were sold for fortunes small and large. S&P also made advertising history of sorts when CBS developed a prime-time sitcom based on a character created by the agency, “Baby Bob.”

Nineteen years later, having served everyone from regional brands to elite Fortune 500 companies, S&P maintains the ethos it started with: Every brand deserves the highest degree of strategic thoughtfulness and creative firepower. And only when our clients win, do we win.

Pei Wei’s Tiger character is being rolled out in restaurants nationwide over the weeks and months ahead.

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