Pepper Lunch, the Japan-born experiential fast-casual concept unlike any other, with more than 500 locations in 15 countries, announced a strategic partnership with U.S.-based Revel Systems; a move aimed at elevating guest experiences and streamlining operations as Pepper Lunch continues its expansion throughout North America. Revel Systems provides the market leading cloud point of sale (POS) and complete business management platform, with a robust portfolio of adaptable and user-friendly cloud-based technology. Per the terms of the agreement, Revel will be deployed at 125 Pepper Lunch locations.

“We are thrilled to be working with a global, pioneering brand like Pepper Lunch,” says Greg Dukat, CEO, Revel Systems. “Revel has an unmatched ability to help restaurants innovate and scale and we look forward to helping Pepper Lunch achieve their exciting growth plans in North America.”

The implementation of Revel’s top-tier POS solutions across all Pepper Lunch outlets marks a pivotal step in expanding the possibilities of Experiential Fast Casual dining. The brand-wide collaboration reinforces Pepper Lunch’s dedication to innovation within a Fast Casual dining arena where the technology continues to evolve. The agreement comes hot on the heels of Pepper Lunch’s first domestic US development agreement, which will bring 10 units over the next five years to the Phoenix, AZ area. The remaining 115 units will be deployed as the brand continues to expand.

“We needed more than simply a partner who could create a bespoke solution for our tech stack,” says Pepper Lunch CEO, Troy Hooper. “Revel Systems offered the kind of transformational flexibility and credibility that would enable us to scale for multi-location growth with efficiency and speed.”

The partnership will reinforce Pepper Lunch’s ability to provide their guests with seamless dining experiences and meal options that they sizzle their own way.

Specific ways in which this partnership is reshaping the dining landscape:

Enhanced Customer Experience

Seamless Ordering: The Revel POS order management system orchestrates a streamlined and optimized process for both on and off-premises orders, ensuring an efficient, seamless service for customers.

Integrated Loyalty Programs: Revel’s technology enables effortless management of loyalty programs, fostering enhanced customer engagement and retention.

Operational Efficiency

Real-time Data Analytics: The prowess of Revel’s real-time analytics provides Pepper Lunch with actionable insights, fine-tuning operations and augmenting profitability.

Empowering Franchisees

Centralized Control: Revel’s centralized control feature facilitates effortless management of multiple outlets for franchisees, ensuring brand consistency and operational excellence.


Revolutionizing Ordering with Self-Service Kiosks: In a progressive stride, Pepper Lunch is transitioning to incorporate self-order kiosks, complemented by a human hospitality host to assist in the ordering journey. This hybrid approach aims to blend the efficiency of digital ordering with the warm, personal touch of human interaction, setting a new standard in customer-centric service in the fast-casual dining sector.

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