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    PepsiCo Reaches Agreement with GRA

  • Industry News May 21, 2008
    PepsiCo Foodservice has entered into a strategic partnership with the not-for-profit Green Restaurant Association. The GRA will work with PepsiCo Foodservice to assist its customers in becoming more environmentally sustainable.

    Founded in 1990, the GRA offers foodservice operators an array of services that include research, environmental consulting, employee education, and certification on all matters that pertain to running an ever-greener establishment. The GRA will be a resource to PepsiCo Foodservice customers by conducting environmental site assessments, identifying opportunities to make operations more sustainable, and providing related cost-benefit analyses.

    "PepsiCo strives to identify customer needs and provide meaningful solutions," says Scott Siers, VP of Industry Relations and Business Development, PepsiCo Foodservice. "We know that environmental sustainability is important to our customers. PepsiCo Foodservice has collaborated with the GRA to facilitate working solutions for our customers who serve any of PepsiCo's products—Pepsi, Frito-Lay, Tropicana, Quaker, and Gatorade."

    "We help foodservice operators become more environmentally sustainable by identifying opportunities and, importantly, outlining steps for improvement through environmental assessments," says Michael Oshman, executive director, Green Restaurant Association. "We work with vendors, property managers, and manufacturers to implement those steps, while maintaining an ongoing client relationship to ensure success. We also help the operators realize the economic advantages of being environmentally responsible."