honeygrow, the Philadelphia-based fast-casual concept, is joining forces with DailyPay – the leader in on-demand pay. Through this partnership, honeygrow’s restaurant employees can now access their earned pay after completing a shift. Ultimately, DailyPay’s benefit allows employees to access their pay as they earn it, eliminating the need for payday loans and overdraft fees as they can pay bills, save, spend, or invest on their own schedules.

“Customers have many choices in the [quick-service restaurant] and fast-casual space. The strength of a restaurant’s employees is a primary differentiator when making that choice,” says Justin Rosenberg, Founder and CEO honeygrow. “We want our team to be happy and set up for success. As we’ve seen folks positively react to the idea of on-demand pay, DailyPay simply made sense.”

Founded in Philadelphia, Pennsylvania, honeygrow is an emerging, fast-casual restaurant with 29 locations throughout Delaware, Maryland, Massachusetts, New Jersey, New York, Pennsylvania and Virginia. The company will utilize DailyPay as a financial wellness benefit for its employees. With DailyPay, honeygrow employees will be in the driver’s seat of their financial health. A survey conducted by DailyPay found that 85% of those who use a daily pay benefit claim that it enables them to budget and pay large monthly bills like rent, utilities and car payments.

honeygrow is among the latest quick-service restaurants to implement DailyPay. In doing so, honeygrow can remain competitive in attracting and retaining skilled talent. DailyPay’s survey found that employers who provide on-demand pay through DailyPay are able to recruit and fill open positions in half the time (52%). The survey also found that 74% of DailyPay users say having access to their earned income has helped reduce their financial stress, making them more productive at work.

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