Piada Italian Street Food is launching new menu items for the spring and summer seasons, featuring fresh, seasonal ingredients. New menu items will be available at all restaurant locations starting May 17.

“Our chefs are passionate about constantly reinventing our menu to feature entrees using the best fresh, in-season ingredients,” says Chris Doody, CEO of Piada. “This spring, we’ve added several new ingredients to the menu, including California avocado, fresh Mozzarella, ripe strawberries, arugula, and roasted sweet corn.”

New seasonal menu items will be available at all restaurant locations through the end of summer and include:

·       Steak Avocado Piada: Rolled into Piada’s signature Piada dough is grilled steak, roasted sweet corn and tomatoes, California avocado, arugula, fresh Mozzarella, pancetta, and basil aioli.

·       Farmer’s Market Salad: Grilled chicken is atop mixed greens, napa cabbage, ripe strawberries, California avocado, roasted sweet corn, spiced pecans, and Feta cheese tossed in house-made lemon basil dressing.

·       Farm Club Tasca: Tascas are layered sandwiches made with Piada dough and stuffed with buttermilk-fried chicken, California avocado, balsamic aioli, arugula, bruschetta tomatoes, pancetta, sweet and spicy pickles, and lemon basil dressing.

·       Orzo Crunch: A bowl of orzo tossed with olive oil, almonds, sugar snap peas, sweet glazed pecans, currants, red bell peppers, and lemon basil dressing.

·       Roasted Corn Salad: Roasted sweet corn mixed in with grape tomatoes, fresh basil, thyme, shallot, chili flake, paprika, lemon, and olive oil.

“We are featuring menu items that are not only fresh and seasonal, but also offer a healthy and true authentic Italian experience,” Doody says. “We’re focusing on the best way to bring out flavors in our wide variety of ingredients using high-quality spices, herbs, and seasonings in place of cream and butter sauces.”

Along with new seasonal sides, Piada is also refining the process of how guests order from the menu. “Our chefs have created traditional Italian food in three different, specially crafted entrées—the Pasta Bowl, Chopped Salad, and Piada—and have found the ideal flavors and ingredients combinations to complement one another, allowing for the best dining experience, regardless of which style of entrée they order,” Doody says.

Guests can now select an entrée item from nine different menu items and then select their favorite grilled protein, like Italian sausage, grilled chicken, steak, and fresh salmon, he adds.

Additionally, Piada has enhanced ingredients by removing items that aren’t considered clean label.


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