Piada Italian Street Food has rolled out its Farmers Market Salad with Salmon, as the newest addition to its menu. Piada offers Chilean salmon which is ideally located in the Patagonian region of Southern Chile – the very tip of South America with some of the purest fresh waters in the world. The salmon, which is also more sustainable than ever – experiencing a dramatic reduction since 2015 in antibiotic usage resulting in increased salmon health, wellness and survival – is:

  • Extremely consistent in producing highly nutritious, delicious and hygienically processed fresh and frozen salmon.
  • Best Aquaculture Practices (BAP) certified. BAP is a specific certification program that addresses four key areas of sustainability at each step of the aquaculture production chain:




Food Safety

Animal Health & Welfare

  • Rich in flavor and has a succulent texture.
  • Deep skinned.
  • Firm and tender with a high oil content.


BAP certifies hatcheries, farms, processing plants and feed mills that apply practices to minimize environmental impacts, respect workers’ rights and produce wholesome products.

The Chilean salmon is technologically advanced from an operational and ecological perspective, including advanced freshwater hatcheries, environmentally conscious saltwater rearing and some of the most innovative and hygienic processing facilities in the world. It is highly regulated via stringent federal oversight by the Chilean government and unrivaled internal controls.

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