Pick On Us introduces the US and Canada to a more sustainable hot cup solution, a Wooden Coffee Lid Plug. The plugs, sometimes called splash guards, stoppers, whatchamacallits, or splash sticks, help prevent hot beverages from splashing up and out of sip holes. They are added to hot to-go beverage lids for easy splash-free traveling. Fits most standard hot cup lids. Guests’ eyes light up when they see them in their drink as they are made of natural wood and have a smiley face on them. 

“We tested them thoroughly in the local market and the feedback was extremely positive,” says Aaron Motola, President of Pick On Us. One review from coffee shop owner Stephanie D. exclaims, “These smiley-face beverage plugs are perfect! Our customers love them. They, without fail, put a smile on every customer’s face. I’m so happy to have ditched the plastic plug, too!”  

Motola mentions, “We saw a significant need for this product as there are no other eco-friendly versions of the Coffee Lid Plug on the market that are disposable.”  Customers can toss out or compost the plug and not worry about harming the planet. Now that’s something to smile about. 

Pick On Us Wooden Coffee Lid Plugs are available online at www.pickonus.com. Custom Branded (with your logo) Wooden Coffee Lid Plugs are also available for purchase. Email us info@pickonus.com for details. Visit us in the North Building – Booth #8126.