Pie Five Pizza announced the reinvention of its pan crust option. It all starts with its house-made dough from scratch every morning in every store. The freshly-baked crust is a match made in heaven with Pie Five’s robust Tuscan marinara sauce, house-shredded mozzarella cheese and premium-quality toppings. Once out of the oven the crust is finished with a unique garlic buttery blend that includes Parmesan and Romano cheeses and Italian seasoning, the result is a thick and crispy crust with a golden brown bottom that’s soft on the inside and packs full flavor in every bite. There is no pizza experience quite like this in the fast casual space.

“Not many fast-casual pizza brands have the ovens to offer something like this,” says Pie Five Director, Adam Schmidt. “Our competitors may try to emulate this, but they won’t achieve such a crispy exterior and fluffy center.”

While guests can enjoy Panzano crust with any custom-built pizza, all of the restaurant’s pizza recipes have been updated to enhance the flavor including Pie Five’s most popular menu item, the High Five-Meat. The best seller’s recipe was updated to include even more bacon, beef and sausage to compliment its new crust.

“We are offering a completely unique, craft product that simply can’t be found anywhere else,” adds Patty Scheibmeir, lead of R&D and Culinary Innovation for Rave Restaurant Group. “Each of our Pie Five locations uses dough that is house-made from scratch every morning. House-baked and fried until it is crispy on the outside with a fluffy center, we are proud to debut the ultimate pan pizza crust that is unlike any others on the market. We are confident those who have loved pan pizza for years will enjoy the Panzano and consider it the new standard of pan crusts.”

The Panzano crust joins several other made-from-scratch crusts offered by the restaurant, including the crispy artisan thin and traditional Italian, while also offering cauliflower and gluten-free options. Customers can purchase a personal pizza made with the new Panzano crust or enjoy with the whole family with a large pizza.

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