Pie Five Pizza has reinvented their Margherita Pizza inspired by their longest-standing employee, Maggie Fox. “Old World Maggie” is a personalized take on her favorite combination of Pie Five flavors and toppings. The special rendition of this classic is topped with fresh mozzarella, olive oil, grape tomatoes, parmesan and fresh basil. From June 6 through June 26, the Old World Maggie personal pizza on artisan thin or traditional italian crusts will be available for $5 with promo code “OLDMAGGIE” at all traditional Pie Five locations. Additional charges apply for premium crusts.

This recipe, an exclusive ode to Maggie’s 12-year journey with the company, will allow guests to sample the artisan talents of Pie Five’s oldest employee. With innovation top of mind, the contemporary addition of parmesan cheese brings a deep savory note to each bite. Pie Five’s Old World Maggie will take long-time guests back to their roots while giving them a fresh take on a traditional favorite. 

“For me, this pizza is a true memory of home, bursting with the robust flavors of an original Margherita pizza,” says Maggie Fox, Sr. Manager of Training and Operations Services of RAVE Restaurant Group. “I’m honored to represent the story behind Old World Maggie and am excited for guests to have the chance to enjoy it.”

Several of the ingredients baked into the signature creation are created fresh each day, including Pie Five’s house-made dough made from scratch each morning in every store and tangy Tuscan marinara sauce. The pizza is then topped with fresh, hand cut ingredients, soon to be baked into every crisp, irresistible bite. Customers can enjoy an Old World Maggie pizza delivered right to their door or while dining in-store, alongside other menu items from the brand including Mike’s Sticky Fingers and the Impossible Tuscan. 

“Old World Maggie isn’t like your ordinary pizza, but one inspired by a true story,” says Aaron Archuleta, Director of Operations for Pie Five Pizza. “We saw an opportunity to reinvent a current menu item with a contemporary recipe update to make it unique to the Pie Five brand. We’re proud to offer our customers a signature dish created with fresh and sophisticated ingredients that represent part of the Pie Five family history.”  

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