Pieology Pizzeria announced that its third North Carolina location is now open in the city of Greensboro. Located in the Friendly Center, Pieology Greensboro is the tenth location owned and operated by Segovia Aslan Enterprises, which has secured the franchise rights to open Pieology restaurants across the Southeastern U.S.

“We are thrilled to bring the fun and interactive Pieology experience to yet another community in the Southeast region,” says Segovia Aslan Enterprise’s managing partner and CEO, Lin Stinson. “Partnering with Pieology has proven to be an extremely rewarding business decision on our part; our other locations have already proven themselves to be incredibly successful and have exceeded all growth expectations. It’s clear that Pieology a top leader in the fast casual pizza segment and with our signature house-made crusts and sauces, it’s no wonder why we’re a favorite amongst pizza fans throughout the United States.”

The Pieology experience starts with fresh house-made dough that is pressed into 11.5-inch thin pizza crusts, which is typically larger than others in the custom pizza space.  Guests select from eight signature sauces, moving down the line to choose from more than 40 fresh and flavorful meats, cheeses, vegetables, herbs and spices. The customized pizzas are then stone oven fired to perfection in less than three minutes. To finish, guests have the option to add after-bake “Flavor Blast” sauces, including fiery buffalo, pesto and BBQ, to really make it their own. Pieology also offers gluten-free crust, whole-wheat crust and a selection of seven signature pizzas, which can be customized upon request.

Pieology’s custom salads allow guests to create made-to-order salads by choosing from three fresh lettuce options of organic field greens, romaine hearts or spinach.  Guests then select from any of Pieology’s large variety of toppings, including sunflower seeds, garbanzo beans and candied walnuts, along with a choice of five dressings made in-house. Pieology also offers a signature Classic and Caesar salad, which can be personalized with additional ingredients upon request. The generous portioned salad and pizza are the perfect pairing for a shareable meal.

Pieology Greensboro features an industrial-chic and friendly environment where inspirational quotes decorate the walls, menus, and employee uniforms.

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